Psycho ncert & strategy

Ncert psychology 11 std complete notes in pdf format. Click on the chapter u wish to download, to save on u r computer or get it printed as u wish.

Chapter 1_introduction

Chapter 2_methods-psycho

Chapter 3_bases-human-beh

Chapter 4_development-of-human

Chapter 5_sensation

Chapter 6_learning

Chapter 7_memory

Chapter 8_thinking

Chapter 9-motivation

12_std Ncert psychology complete notes including glossary:


Chapter 2_self

Chapter 3_life_challenges

Chapter 4_disorders

Chapter 5_therapies

Chapter 6_attitude_social

Chapter 7_social_influence

Chap 8_environmental_Psychology

Chap 9 – Developing Psychological Skills


below is not ncert notes:

politics,power. (this topic is been given in new psycho syllabi of 2010 in paper 2 sec A 4th chapter called work psychology & organizational behavior last subtopic) in case if u cant get the notes for power & politics in organizations u can take from the above pdf format.


  1. Hari says:


    Very Kind Of you to spend some time helping aspirants. I am interested in preparing Philosophy, but got no guidance at all. Can you direct me to anyone who can get me a strategy for this optional. But is this a Good mains optional to opt for? My other optional is Pub. Ad. and I am totally doing it your way. So no problem with that.

    Kindly give ur views in comparing philosophy with psychology.

    Many Thanks in Advance.


  2. pkpal says:

    thank u for ur grt help through yr blog to aspirants. plz provide philosophy mains stretezy to me,if u may.
    thnx in advance n all d best to u 2!!!

    • xmnotes says:

      s…i’ll provide philosophy strategy…even hari an aspirant like u has also asked for philosophy strategy..
      i need 4/5 days time then i’ll put..
      all d best to u also….


  3. Anant says:

    hi nethra madam,
    I have psychology as one of my optionals and I am right now stuck with Statistical part of psychology. Can you guide me as to how to go about it? I would be grateful.

    – Anant

    • xmnotes says:

      were u’ve stuck, which part mention it , as far as i knew i’ll guide u…but be specific in asking ques…


      • Anant says:

        The entire Unit-III.
        One more thing, I do not know the scope of coverage of any topic. For eg: In Item Response Theory – do we have to cover topics like Rasch Model in detail or we have to cursorily glance over such subtopics.

        – Anant

      • xmnotes says:

        u’ve to cover in detail what u’ve mentioned above..bcoz, upsc dont know were what they ask so its better u read it in detail…doing glance work will not be enough….its u’ve to read in depth of subject matter…


  4. pkpal says:

    Mam,this is to only a reminder for u for philosophy stratezy . plz suggest us!!!
    i will be vry gratful to u…..
    thnx n tk cre!!

  5. naman says:

    Hello mam , first of all …a big thnk u for being there for ppl like us who need right guidance . mam i need your help in psychology mains preparation ……….i mean with the changing trends , psycho syll is no more limited , we hv to b prepared with every topic as now 60 marks question is split into sub parts (even six 10 markers also as in 2010 xam ) n all from different chapters ……..plz tell us how to amange entire bulky syll.


  6. sabin says:

    hello netra i am sabin .we have interacted before .I would like to know the best available material for mains.I came across exam race notes.Are they better than mukul pathak or do we need to go for both? thank u ..have a nice day 🙂

    • xmnotes says:

      nice meeting u here in my blog..
      mukul sir’s notes is best…….if u’ve his notes then no need to go for examrace.
      but before reading mukul’s sirs notes / material read NCERT which is must to read……..then read his book it will very easy to grasp all subject-matter…..

      examrace notes is also good, im not telling that it is bad……… is very good nice tooo….
      examrace is given in points were u can still more easily remember all the points very well…….at the time of exam if u examrace notes that’s enough…….

      but for everything u’ve 1st read NCERT material of class XI & XII …….


  7. gloria says:

    hi, can u please help me as how to prepare compulsory language paper,kannada.i have had no touch with the subject after school.are previous year papers availabe?

    • xmnotes says:

      S…..previous papers are available. S….as much as possible i’ll help u in kannada….
      again y bcoz, my subject is not kannada……..but i can get u all information regarding kannada……….
      u write an email i’ll give u the list of it….


  8. gloria says:

    thank u mam.have sent a mail from my gmail id.

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