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g.s. booklist mains 2010

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Books_2010
  1. read TMH general studies manual book which covers the subjects : history, economics, polity, INM, science, geography, general mental ability test, current affairs, general knowledge.
  2. this book coast rs. 999/-.
  3. in this book except current affairs & general knowledge read all other subjects which is very detaily explained.
  4. read economic survey — not whole thing — few chapters which is important only.
  5. no need to buy & read India year book — as because what all is given in India year book is all covered in this TMH general studies manual book itself.
  6. read TMH science & technology written by ashok kumar singh a very good informative book.
  7. read any 1 monthly magazine like civil service chronicle, chanakya, kurukshetra, prathiyogitha darpan etc., y to monthly magazine is because to keep track of latest up-dates of all events & international affairs too.
  8. read any 1 newspaper of your choice.
  9. read 1 essay book which has best topics & also important topics, then practice it.
  10. keep up-dates of all international affairs.
  11. read aspirant magazine exclusively for international affairs..

1. Ram Ahuja: Society in India
2. Ram Ahuja: Social problems in India
3. IGNOU notes (especially for thinkers and topic on Indian system)
4. Caste its 20th Century Avatar – M.N. Srinivas
5. participation as freedom – Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze
6. Y. Singh – Modernisation of Indian Tradition
7. Y. Singh – Social tradition in India
8. L.P. Vidhyarthi – Tribal India
9. Yojana (Independence day special 2001 on population)
10. Y. Singh – Social Change in India
11. Niel J. Smelser for Economy and Society
12. Abraham and Francis – Sociological theory

topic wise books list :

  1. Introductory sociology: T.B. Bottmore
  2. Basic contribution of sociological and anthropological thinkers: dictionary of sociology, Social and cultural process: Maclver and Page and Madan & Majumdar
  3. Deviance and central: Social stratification – Harlambos and T.B. Bottomore
  4. Illustrations – Johnson
  5. Political institutions – Bottomore
  6. Religious and social institutions – Madan & Majumdar
  7. Basic Concepts of Indian sociology – Y Singh (Modernization of Indian Tradition), Villavge, Town, City, Maclver & Page

Topicwise Suggested Reading for Medicine

  1. Anatomy – Megraper or Snell
  2. Human Anatomy (3 Vol.) – Chaurasia
  3. Medical Physiology – Gyston
  4. Human Physiology – Chatterjee
  5. Pathology – Muirs or Robbins
  6. Microbiology – Anand Narayan or Chatterjee
  7. Principal and Practice of Medicines – Davidson
  8. Social and Preventive Medicine – Park & Park
  9. Surgery – Love and Bailey
  10. Essentials of Bio-chemistry – M C Pant
  11. Review in Bio-chemistry – Harper
  12. Heinmann Medical Dictionary – Janife
  13. Heinmann Dental Dictionary – Lennox

Medical Books for Prelims

  1. Human anatomy: Chaurasia (III Volumes) and Histology (Inderbir Singh) – Basic Gray and Neuroanatomy (Inderbir Singh) for selected topics.
  2. Physiology: Ganong
  3. BioChemistry: Harper
  4. Microbiology: Anantha Narayan (Introduction to Microbiology), Parasitology (Jayaram Panikkar)
  5. Pathology: Robbins (Big Robbins)
  6. Medicine: Harrison (No other book may be useful)
  7. Surgery: Bailey (No other book may be useful)
  8. SPM: Park (No other book may be useful)

NB : Latest volumes are more useful.

1) Question Banks: Question banks without keys are available across the market (Jawahar). Bhatia has published a book, with keys. But it contains questions till 1999 only, also keys are often wrong. The III volume Bhatia series also have UPSC questions spread over the entire series.
2) AIIMS question bank will be also useful for solving MCQS. Books that are published (like Mudit Khanna) for AIIMS entrance will be also useful for revision.

  1. Theory of Mechanics – S S Rattan
  2. Theory of Mechanism and Mechanics – Jagdish Lal.
  3. Mechanic of Solids – Popru
  4. Manufacturing Science – Ghosh and Malik
  5. Manufacturing Technology – P N Rao
  6. Production Manangement – R K Jain
  7. Principals of Manufacturing Material & Process – Campbeu
  8. Fundamentals of Classed Thermodynamics – Van Wylen
  9. Heat Transfer – Gupta Prakash
  10. Heat and Mass Transfer – R. Yadav
  11. Energy Conversion – Sukhalmoy
  12. Environmental Pollution Central Engineering C S Rao
  13. Surveying and Levelling – T P Kanetakar
  14. Heat Conversion – Arora & Kundwar
  15. Manufacturing Science – R K Jain
  16. Thermodynamics – R Yadav