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viewers , guests a note here

Posted: October 1, 2010 in syllabus_2010

viewers , guests, friends who ever view my blog here is note for u …

literature10, syllabus10 = i’ve given the new syllabus for the year 2010 mains..this new syllabus was announced by upsc itself…

so please dont get & put urself in confusion .. saying this that in different websites different syllabus which one to follow…

i’ve taken these latest syllabus from upsc itself….reason  is that .. 3 viewers who viewed my blog had requested me to post the new syllabus for mains as bcoz for them upsc website was not opening .. & they wanted to know about what’s the new syllabus is…

so i’ve done it..

i’ve updated latest syllabus of all subjects of mains & few literature subjects only…as per UPSC…!!!!!!!!



here are the question papers of previous years 2001-09 general studies mains…

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general studies 2008 paper 1general studies 2008 paper 2

General studies 2009 mains

UPSC mains time table 2010

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Mains

upsc have released the time table for mains 2010. in case if the website is not opening for u, u can read it here:


in case if any changes made by upsc in time table dates or subjects i’ll inform here.

all d best for mains….!!!!!!

notification for KAS mains 2010

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Mains

karnataka administrative service has given the last date to submit the mains application form is on september 18 2010

u can read this below: