political science & international relations 2010 mains paper 1 & 2

Posted: November 4, 2010 in 2010_mains_papers

Political science & international relations 2010 mains paper 1


1. comment on the following in 150 words each : 15×4 = 60

a. power flows throughput the systems like blood in capillaries of our body. Foucault.

b. Robert dalh’s concept of deformed polyarchy

c. personal is political

d. veil of ignorance


2. a. assess the deliberate theory of democracy 30

b. distinguish between liberal feminism & socialist feminism in detail . 30


3.a. evaluate mark’s instrumentalist approach to the state 30

b. compare & contrast dharmasastra & arthashastra with reference to state power 30


4.a. do you think that the modern-state has been declining in the wake of globalization? Justify your answer. 30

b. critically examine the cultural relativist approach to human rights.  30


section b


5. comment on the following about 150 words. 15×4 = 60

a. Indian nationalism as depicted in s.n.banerjee’s ‘a nation in making’.

b. upsurge in political participation among the marginalized communities in Indian general elections during last two decades.

c. inter-state water dispute

d. economic liberalization and uneven development among Indian states.


6.a. assess the effectiveness of national human rights commission in redressing grievances pertaining to human rights violations in India. 30 mrks

b. minorities the natural custodians of the secular state. D.E.Smith. 30 mrks


7. critically examine & comment on the assertion below in about 200 words each: 20×3 = 60

a. the constitution assembly was one party body in an essentially one party community. The assembly was congress & the congress was India. (Granville).

b. art 2 & 3 of Indian constitution are inconsistent with the spirit of federalism.

c. the principle of collective responsibility a la the cabinet system of government, has eroded in the context of emergence of coalitions governments in India.


8.a. in what ways do civil liberties & human rights movement influence working of Indian democracy? Give your answer with suitable examples. 30 mrks

b. do you think the post-1991 reforms in India make a significant shift from the nehruvian model of economic development? Justify your answer. 30 mrks.


political science & international relations 2010 mains paper 2


1. answer the following about 200 words each: 20×3 =60

a.        how is modern comparative politics approach different from traditional legal-institutional approach?

b.        Examine the changing nature of security in recent times

c.        Explain the meaning & application of concept of strategic engagement.


2.        a. examine the post modernist critique of realism in international politics. 20 mrks

b. assess in detail the prospects of emergence of nuclear weapons-free world. 40 mrks


3.a. discuss the different perspective on global environment that have emerged in the context of Copenhagen summit. 20 mrks.

b. critically examine globalization from third world perspective. 40 mrk


4. bring out your perspective on the following in about 200 words. 20×3 =60

a . plausible aims of non-aligned movement in the post cold war period

b. the indications of emergence of global civil society

c. should national interest be viewed as a constant category or is it situation specific.


Section b


5. answer in about 200 words . 20×3 = 60

a. can isreal be termed a ‘natural ally’ of India

b. examine India’s response to the af-pak policy of the US

c. bring out the role played by Indian armed forces in UN-peacekeeping efforts in various parts of world


6.a. examine the nature of issues currently being debated with the European union. 20 mrks

b. assess the problem being faced by India on account of illegal migration into the country. 40 mrks


7.a. comment on the recent trends in Russia’s foreign policy. 20 mrks

b. the UN is today is more of social service organization than an exclusively security oriented body. Critically examine. 40 mrks


8.a. bring out India’s perspectives & concerns on reform in the UN security council. 20 mrks

b. would it be to India’s benefit it were to pursue a more serious relationship with south-east asia? Critically evaluate. 40 mrks.



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