general studies 2010 mains paper 1

Posted: October 30, 2010 in 2010_mains_papers

general studies mains 2010 paper held on october 29th 2010 .

1. answer the following in 250 words for each answer = 20×2 = 40 .

a.        dispute between riparian states on sharing of river water in post – independence India are becoming increasingly complex. Objectively analyze the major disputes in this connections , with special reference to the southern states.

b.        Critically examine the differing estimates for i) poverty figures ii) GDP growth data for april – june 2010 , that have been in the news recently. In your views, what estimates are more reflective of the ground reality & why?

2. answer any 2 of the following in about 150 words each: 12×2 = 24

a.        Dalhousie’s predecessors had acted on the general principles of avoiding annexation if these could be avoided. Dalhousie acted on the principles of annexation, if he could do so legitimately. His annexations were both of war & peace. Analyze.

b.        With respect to cooperative societies what are the salient features of the 106th & 111th constitutional amendment bills as at present?

c.        Small-holder farms need to be strengthened to achieve national food security do you agree with this assessment? Substantiate.

3. answer any 2 of the following in about 150 words: 12×2 = 24

a.        comment on the spatial components in urban social waste management in the country.

b.        Assess the contributions made by the Indian council of agriculture research in agriculture development

c.        List the significance local storms of the hot – weather season in the country & bring out their socio-economic impact.

4. answer any 2 of the following in 150 words : 12×2 = 24

a.        what are the grounds of disqualifications of a member of parliament from either house? Quote relevant provisions in your answer

b.        distinguishes between the objectives, structure & functioning of the kendriya vidyalaya sangathan & navodaya vidhyalaya samiti.

c.        Bring out the salient features of evolution & the current status of the bharat stage vehicle emission norms in the country.

5. write brief out precise notes on any 6 of the following your answer should not exceed 50 words in each case. 5×6 = 30

a.        transhumance in India

b.        frontogenesis & frontolysis

c.        golden revolution

d.        sea-floor spreading

e.        legislative powers assigned to the rajya sabha under art 240 & art 312 of court.

f.          Causes for dominant dendritic pattern of drainage in the gangetic plains.

g.        Break-of-bulk towns.

6. answer any 3 about 150 words each. 12×3 = 36

a.        while bringing out their salient features, distinguish between either madhubari art & manjusha art or rajasthani schools of painting & the pahari school of painting .

b.        bring out the powers & responsibilities attached to the office of the speaker of lok sabha.

c. Distinguish between the following four literary awards:

a.        jnanpith award

b.        sathiya akademi award

c.        vyas samman

d.        saraswati samman

d.        after September 1st changes, do you think the ULIPS & mutual funds are on a level playing field? Substantiate your answer from the perspective of an ordinary investor.

7. answer any 5 in about 150 words . 12×5= 60

a.        what do you understand by repo rate & reverse repo rate? What are the implications in raising these rates?

b.        Cost – benefit analysis should not be the sole consideration, while deciding to host events like the commonwealth games. Critically comment on this perspective.

c.        List any eight ramsar wetland sites located in India. What is the montreux record & what Indian sites are included in this record?

d.        Are the dedicated freight corridor railway project & the golden quadrilateral road project mutually complementory/competitive? Assess.

e.        Upliftment of the neglected sections of society will be best served with many more centres of the indira Gandhi national tribal universities. Expand on the assertion made.

f.          Comment on the salient features of the recent draft model real estate (regulation of development) act of the ministry of housing & urban poverty alleviation of the central govt.

8. answer each of the following briefly but precisely. Each answer should be less than 50 words. 5×6 = 30

a.        how is disagreement between the legislative council & legislative assembly of a state in passing of an ordinary bill, resolved?

b.        Comment on the recent HFC-23 emissions controversy that includes in its ambit some Indian companies.

c.        Comment on the recommendations of the wadhwa commission on public distribution system.

d.        What are the salient features of the national oil spill disaster contingency plan?

e.        You arrive first at the scene where a bus accident has just occurred. What emergency measures should you immediately & safely adopt?

f.          Bring out the sectoral & state-wise distribution pattern of FDI inflows into the country.

9. write brief note on each of the following about 20 words. 2×8 = 16

a.        contributions of latika ghosh to the freedom struggle

b.        bhai maharaj singh as a freedom fighter

c.        chandrayaan-II

d.        agni-V

e.        babli project

f.          swavalamban scheme

g.        aerostat balloon

10. who are the following why have they been in news recently 20 words. 2×8 = 16

a.        divya ajithkumar

b.        n.c. saxena

c.        islam a siddiqui

d.        swarnalatha cherukutty

e.        nithin nohria

f.          Deepak mondal

g.        Gaurav singh saini

h.        Upendra limaye.


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