Machinery of planning

Posted: October 7, 2010 in India
  • Every unit of administration must plan for itself
  • The final plan must be an integrated sum-total of the particular plans prepared by the various units
  • The particular plans of the various units have to be fitted into 1 comprehensive national plan
  • In Britain, this task devolves on the treasury
  • This is assisted by a chief planning officer & his staff
  • In India, there is a national planning commission
  • It consists of PM as its chairman, ministries of finance, food, agriculture, planning.
  • Irrigation & power, commerce & industry as its members
  • It is necessary that the central planning agency must be in close relationship with the political
  • The plans gets closely linked up with operations
  • The danger of its suffering from impracticability is minimized
  • The planners themselves may be responsible for supervising the execution of plan
  • Planning may be long-term & short-term
  • Planning to be realistic must be based on extensive research
  • These lead to a forecast of the possibilities which the plan has to be tackle.
  • One of the importance is to fix certain targets in the various fields
  • The gap between the targets & what exists is found out
  • The targets may be financial
  • A good plan should have one over all objective
  • This over objective may be increased by nayional income , provide full employment
  • A good plan must be characterized by flexibility

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