Posted: October 6, 2010 in India

Central secretariat :

  • The term secretariat literally means the place where secretaries sit.
  • 3 essential components are:

a.        minister

b.        secretary

c.        executive head

  • the minister & the secretary are served by the secretariat which is essentially a conglomeration of various ministries.
  • secretariat works as a single unit with collective responsibility.
  • each secretariat department is required to consult other departments.
  • secretaries thus are secretaries to union government as a whole.
  • a secretariat officer of & above the rank of an under secretary speaks on behalf of president of India.
  • canning in 1858, granted each secretary the right of direct access to the governor – general.
  • the secretariat is the government
  • it is policy formulating, coordinating, supervisory agency.
  • after the montsford reforms 1919, there were 9 secretarial departments.
  • totally the strength of 46 remained unchanged till WW2.
  • in 1940, the specific functions of secretariat were identified as a nodal agency.
  • advisory & coordinating staff roles crystallized the functions of the secretariat
  • it must draw rules & do sectoral planning.

Functions :

  • making policy time to time
  • supervision & control over the execution of policies & programmes
  • coordination & interpretation of policies
  • sectoral planning & programme formulation
  • framing legislation rules
  • discharging their responsibilities to the parliament

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