Posted: October 6, 2010 in India

Cabinet secretariat

  • Cabinet is headed by PM.
  • He is responsible for the entire administration of the government of India.
  • Cabinet is assisted by cabinet secretariat
  • Cabinet secretariat is a staff agency to the union cabinet
  • It operates under the direction , leadership of PM
  • CS enjoys the status of department of the government of India under allocation of business rules 1961
  • CS came into existence in 1947 by replacing the secretariat of the governor – general executive council .

Organizations :

  • CS has 3 wings: a) civil, b) military, c) intelligence.
  • Civil wing is the main wing
  • It provides aid, advise, assistance to the union government.
  • Military wing provides secretarial assistance to the:

a.        defence committee of the cabinet

b.        military affairs committee

c.        national defence council

  • intelligence wing deals with matters pertaining to the joint intelligence committee of the union cabinet.

Functions :

  • it prepares agenda for meetings of the cabinet
  • it keeps record of the discussions, decisions of the cabinet, cabinet committee
  • it provides secretarial assistance to the committee
  • it keeps the president, vice-president, all the ministries informed of the main activities of the central government
  • it prepares & finalizes the rules of business of the government
  • it functions as the chief coordinating agency in central government
  • It watches the implementation of cabinet decisions by the concerned ministries
  • It handles the work pertaining to appointment & resignation of ministries.


  1. RAW
  2. Director general of security
  3. Special protection group
  4. Joint intelligence committee
  5. Directorate of public grievances
  6. in 1997, national authority, chemical weapons convention was set up by a resolution of the cabinet secretariat.

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