Major industrial centers

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
Cities Industry
Hamilton Iron & steel
Windsor Automobile
Sarnia Oil refinery
Quebec Ship building
Anshan Iron & steel
Shanghai Cotton textile
Shenyang Iron & steel
Glassglow Ship building
Goteburg Ship building
Stockburg Ship building
Lawel Cotton textile
New york Garments
Los angles Aircraft
Akron Synthetic rubber
San fransisco Ship building
Seattle Air craft
Detroit Automobile
Chicago Agriculture implements & meat
Hemberg Ship building
Dallas Air craft
Ottawa Paper
Philadelphia Locomotives
Baku Petroleum
Bel fast Ship building
Burmingham Iron & steel
Cadiz Cork
Cheliabinsk Iron & steel
Dhaka Carpet
Dundey Jute & cotton textiles
Dresden Optical & photographic instruments
Beunas aires Dairy
Ascen Iron & steel , engg.,
Firozabad Sand-glass
Gorky Engineering
Hawana Cigar
Hollywood Film industry
Johanesberg Gold mining
Kansas Meat
Kawashaki Iron & steel
Kiev Engineering
Kiberley Diamond mining
Krivoy rog Iron & steel
Leeds Woolen textile
Leningrad Ship building
Leons Silk
Magnitogorsk Iron & steel
Manchester Cotton textile
Milan Silk
Multan Pottery
Munich Lens manufacturing
Nagoya Cotton textile, Ship building
New castle Iron & steel
Osaka Cotton textile , iron & steel
Pittsburg Iron & steel
Shefield Cutlery
Tula Iron & steel
Venice Glass
Viena Glass
Viadivostok Ship building
Wellington Dairy
Zurich Light engineering

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