sources of indian constitution

Posted: September 20, 2010 in India
Source Features
British constitution Parliamentary form of government
The idea of single citizenship
Idea of the rule of law
Institution of speaker & his role
Legislative procedures
Procedure, established by law V/A 13
USA Charter of fundamental rights similar to the UN bill of rights
Federal structure of government
Power of judicial review
Independence of the judiciary
President as the supreme commander of the armed forces u/a 52
Due process of law u/a 13
Irish constitution Directive principles of state policy
Nomination of members to rajya sabha
Method of election of the president
French constitution Ideas of liberty, equality, fraternity
Canadian constitution A quasi-federal form of the government
Idea of residual powers
Australian constitution Freedom of trade & commerce within country & between states also
Power of national legislature to make laws for implementing treaties & even on matters outside normal deferral jurisdiction
Malaysian constitution Idea of the concurrent list
Japan constitution Fundamental duties u/a 51-A
Weimar constitution Emergency provision u/a 356
  1. Gaurav says:

    Can you tell me the authority for the above. I have been browsing the web but I do not find it anywhere on the GoI websites or in the Constitution of India.

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