Local winds

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
Winds Nature Region
Fohn Warm Alps/Europe
Chinook (snow eater) Warm Rockies (USA & canada)
Sirocco Hot North Africa
Khamsin Hot Egypt
Harmattan (the doctor) Hot Sahara to guinea coast
Zonda Warm Argentina, chile/andes
Brick flelder Hot Australia
Samun Hot Iran
Leveche Hot Algeria, morocco
Santa ana Warm USA – California
Berg Warm South Africa
Yoma Warm Japan
Karaburan Hot Tarim basin
Black roller Hot North America
Kalbaisakhi Cold North India
Buran Cold Siberia
Mistral Cold France to Mediterranean (rhine valley)
Pampero Cold Argentina
Bora Cold Yugoslavia
Southerly burster Cold Australia
Blizzard Cold Siberia, Canada, USA
Purga Cold Russian, tundra
Bire Cold France
Cape doctor Cold South Africa’s coast

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