Political & nationalist organizations of modern India

Posted: September 18, 2010 in India
Year Organization Founder Place
1838 Landholders society Dwarikanath tagore Calcutta
1839 British India society William adams London
1843 British India society Calcutta
1851 British India association Devendranath tagore Calcutta
1852 Madras native association Madras
1852 Bombay association Jagannath shanker Bombay
1862 London India committee c. p. mudaliar London
1866 East India association Dadabhai nauroji London
1867 National India association Mary carpenter London
1872 India society Anand mohan bose London
1876 Indian association Anand mohan bose, s.n. banerjee Calcutta
1883 Indian national society Shishir chandra bose Calcutta
1884 Indian national conference s.n. banerjee Calcutta
1885 Bombay presidency association Feroz shah Mehta , telang Bombay
1885 Indian national congress a.o. hume Bombay
1888 United Indian patriotic association Sir saiyad ahmad khan Aligarh
1905 Servants of India society g.k. gokhale Bombay
1915 Home rule league Annie bezant , tilak Pune
1918 UP kisan sabha Malviya, gauri shankar & indra narayan Lucknow

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