g.s. booklist mains 2010

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Books_2010
  1. read TMH general studies manual book which covers the subjects : history, economics, polity, INM, science, geography, general mental ability test, current affairs, general knowledge.
  2. this book coast rs. 999/-.
  3. in this book except current affairs & general knowledge read all other subjects which is very detaily explained.
  4. read economic survey — not whole thing — few chapters which is important only.
  5. no need to buy & read India year book — as because what all is given in India year book is all covered in this TMH general studies manual book itself.
  6. read TMH science & technology written by ashok kumar singh a very good informative book.
  7. read any 1 monthly magazine like civil service chronicle, chanakya, kurukshetra, prathiyogitha darpan etc., y to monthly magazine is because to keep track of latest up-dates of all events & international affairs too.
  8. read any 1 newspaper of your choice.
  9. read 1 essay book which has best topics & also important topics, then practice it.
  10. keep up-dates of all international affairs.
  11. read aspirant magazine exclusively for international affairs..

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