radioisotopes & their applications

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Naturally occurring radioisotopes & their applications : Radioisotopes Applications
1 Chlorine-36 Used to measure sources of chloride & the age of water upto 2 million years
2 Carbon-14 Used to measure the age of water upto 50,000 years
3 Tritium(H-3) Used to measure ‘young’ groundwater upto 30 years
4 Lead-210 Used to date layers of sand & soil upto 80 years.

Artificially produced radioisotopes & their applications : Artificially produced radioisotopes Applications
1 American-241 Used in backscatter gauges, smoke detectors, fill height detectors & in measuring ash content of coal.
2 Caesium-137 Used for radiotracer, technique for identification of sources of soil erosion & disposition, in density & fill height level switches.
3 Cobalt-60 Used for gamma sterilization, industrial radiography, density & fill heights switches.
4 Gold-198 & technetium-99m Used to study sewage & liquid waste movements, as well as tracing factory waste causing ocean pollution & to trace sand movement in river beds & ocean floors.
5 Strontium-90, krypton-85, thallium-204 Used for industrial gauging
6 Zinc-65 & magnesium-54 Used to predict the behavior of heavy metal components in effluents from mining waste water.
7 Iridium-192, gold-198, chromium-57 Used to label sand to study coastal erosion.
8 Ytterbium-169,iridium-192, selenium-75 Used in gamma radiography & non-destructive testing
9 Tritiated water Used as a tracer to study sewage & liquid wastes.

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