types of basin river system

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
Sl.no Basis The Himalayan river system Peninsular river system
1 Basins These rivers have very large basins & catchment areas. These rivers have small basins & catchment areas.
2. valleys The Himalayan rivers flow through steep sided V-shaped valleys called gorges. These gorges have been carved out by vertical cutting carried on side by side with the uplift of the Himalayas. The peninsular rivers flow in comparatively shallow valleys. These are more/less graded valleys.
3. Water flow The Himalayan rivers are perennial in nature. i.e. water flows through out the year in these rivers. PR receive water only from rainfall & water flows in these rivers in rainy season only. These rivers are seasonal/non-perennial.
4. stage These rivers flow across the young fold mountains & are still in a youthful stage. These rivers have been flowing in one of the oldest plateau & shield areas of the world & have reached maturity.
5 Meanders When these enter the plains, there is a sudden reduction in the speed of flow of water. Under these circumstances these rivers form meanders & often shift their beds. The hard rock surface & non-alluvial character of the plateau permits little scope for the formation of meanders. The rivers of the peninsular plateau follow more of less straight course.

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