management 2001 mains question paper

Posted: July 23, 2010 in 01 - 09_years-papers

1. Write notes on any three of the following: (20 x 3 = 60)
(a) Delegation and Decentralisation in an organisation
(b) Vision Statement of an organisation
(c) Statistical Tests of Significance
(d) Group Dynamics
2. Do you think that the structure of an organisation is a matter of choice of top management? If not, then explain. (60)
3. How has the role of management changed in this era of Information Technology?(60)
4. Discuss the role of PERT and CPM as project planning and scheduling techniques. (60)
5. Write short notes on any three of the following: (20 x 3 = 60)
(a) Zero – Based Budgeting
(b) Target Costing
(c) Operational Business Environment
(d) Information Technology Revolution
6. “Strategic planning has yielded to more comprehensive strategic management.” Analyze this comment in detail. (60)
7. Explain the transfer price mechanism in subsidiary and headquarters relationships in a MNC.(60)
8. How do you track the impact of macroeconomic, business environment for deciding the operational environment of business? (60)

1. Write notes on any three of the following (each note not to exceed 200 words) (20 x 3 = 60)
(a) Concept of Social Marketing
(b) Cash Management Models
(c) Role of IMF and World Bank in the International Financial System
(d) Ethics in Marketing
2. ‘Working capital management deals with decisions regarding the appropriate mix and level of current assets and current liabilities.’ Elucidate the statement along with describing the factors which are taken into account in determining the working capital needs of the firm. (60)
3. Top management of a large multiline firm is giving serious consideration to buying a smaller company that manufactures a wide range of food products. This would be an entirely new line for the larger corporation. Develop a marketing research proposal that would cover the important questions raised about the potential company that may be acquired. (60)
4. (a) Define international business and bring out the differences between the domestic business and international business.

(b) Do you think international business is expanding in India? If so, explain the causes for growth. (30 x 2 = 60)
5. Write notes on any three of the following (each note not to exceed 200 words) (20 x 3 = 60)
(a) Importance of Inventory Control under the present circumstances of India.
(b) Changing trends in Information Technology.
(c) “There is need for Human Resource Development not only at micro level but also at macro level.” Evaluate the statement with reference to India.
(d) Significance of Materials Management in a developing economy with particular reference to our country.
6. How does Value Analysis differ from Value Engineering? What are the objectives of value analysis? Explain the modem approach to value analysis. (60)
7. (a) How would you identify the training needs for different levels in an organisation ? Explain with example.
(b) Why should an organisation have well defined promotion and reward policies and processes? Explain with examples.(30 x 2 = 60)
8. Examine the advantages of Management Information System for a service organisation. What are the functions in which it differs from the Management Information System application in manufacturing organisation? (60)


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