treaties of the world

Posted: July 22, 2010 in India
Treaties Treaties Treaties
Riga Sevres Trianon
London Nevilly Lausanne
Rapallo Bucharest Versailles
Brest-litovsk Saint-germain Tordesillas
Utrecht Edirne Chaumont
Nijmegen Nanjing Amiens
Bretigny Venice Nerchinsk
Paris Jassy Verdum
Cambrai Pressburg Tilsit
Dover Carlowitz Maastricht
Rustatt & baden Fort stanwix Aix-la-chapella
Pyrenees Hunkar Skelesi
Campo formio Guadalupe hidaljo Kucuk kaynarca
Nuclear test ban treaty Rome Portsmouth
Brussels Reinsurance Cateau-cambresis
San Stefano Central treaty Clayton – bulwer
Southasian Webster-ashburton

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