management 2005 mains question paper

Posted: July 21, 2010 in 01 - 09_years-papers

1. Write analytical notes on any THREE of the following in not more than 200 words each. Substantiate your answers, wherever possible, with real life situations/hypothetical illustrations:(20 x 3 = 60)
(a) Custamerization of Corporate Vision
(b) Outsourcing as a source of value creation
(c) Managerial Grid
(d) Linear Programming as a problem solving technique
2. “In view of the fast changing competitive landscape of the economy, Indian corporate have to focus on the next practices, not just be content with the best practices.” [C. K. Prahlad] Comment on the above statement. Explain the major forces that reshape the basis for competition. What role can innovation play in making India globally competitive? (60)
3. Briefly discuss Maslow’s theory of motivation. How is this theory different from the Herzberg’s theory? Which one of these theories, in your opinion, explains the human behaviour? (60)
4. “Communication is the major shaping force in an organization.”[Chester Barnard]
Elucidate this statement. What are key elements in inter personal Communication processes? Discuss in brief, the common barriers to effective inter personal Communication. How may these be overcome? (60)
5. Write short answers on any THREE of the following in about 200 words each: (20 x 3 = 60)
(a) Planning is looking ahead and Controlling is looking back.
(b) Components of Direct action global environment.
(c) Techniques of Total Quality Management.
(d) Balanced Score Card as an approach to performance measurement.
6. “Strategy is a race to get to the position one wants to occupy. In the process, be prepared to forsake some options.” [Michael Porter] Discuss this statement and explain with suitable examples the role of core competence and value chain analysis in strategy making. (60)
7. “Corporate governance is not just a buzzword or management fad but has become the need of the hour for every organization if it is to survive and thrive.” Comment. What are the basics of corporate governance? How far have public sector undertakings in
India been observing these basics in their governance practices? (60)
8. Discuss the nature am1 types of responsibility centers. What is the budget considerations associated with each of them? (60)

1. Write notes on any three of the following (Each note not to exceed 200 words) – (20 x 3 = 60)
(a) Capital Market
(b) Regional Economic Co-operation
(c) Services Marketing
(d) Venture Capital
2. To what extent are firms able to establish a definite long-run dividend policy? How do these policies affect market value of a firm’s securities? Discuss with examples. (60)
3. “Marketing Research is an ancillary service that allows Management to manufacture with a better idea of what can be sold or how much can be sold, and how to combine the various tools of selling, minimizing costs.” Comment on this statement and analyze the various objectives of Marketing Research. (60)
4. “Country wise risk analysis is a difficult task and recent events is several countries have dramatized the importance of country risk analysis.” Do you agree? Substantiate your answer with examples.(60)
5. Write notes on any three of the following (Each note not to exceed 200 words): (20 x 3 = 60)
(a) Vendor Evaluation and Audit
(b) Programmed Decisions and Non-programmed Decisions
(c) Sensitivity Training
(d) Career Development
6. Narrate the historical evolution of Production and Operations Management. Analyse the current challenges facing managers in the light if Economic Liberalisation and Globalisation. (60)
7. How can information technology help a business form strategic alliance with its customers, suppliers and others? Illustrate with examples.(60)
8. In one of the branches of an organization with 200 staff (all white-collared) who cannot be considered a very docile type, where results were not up to the mark, by changing the seating pattern, increasing lighting and providing drinking water (without demand from the staff), the output increased by 80 percent. Discuss how and why this could happen. (60)


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