IDA = international development association

Posted: July 14, 2010 in INO
  1. the IDA& IBPO together form the world bank.
  2. the 2 institutions, along with the IFC, MIGA & ICSID, form the world bank group.
  3. the IDA was established in 1960 under affiliation of the IBRD.
  4. as an affiliated of the IBRD, the IDA has no different institutions.
  5. its directors, staff , officers are those of IBRD.
  6. the HQs of IDA are situated at Washington DC.
  7. it has 160 members. Membership is open to members of IBRD.

Objectives of IDA:

  1. to assist in the financial economic development of less-development member-states by providing them with development credits.
  2. it provides loan on more flexible terms & bear less heavily on the balance of payments than those of conventional loans-thereby promoting & supplementing the objectives & activities of IBRD.
  1. the lending of the association is limited to member-countries & is based on principles similar to those of IBRD.
  2. the IDA is single largest multilateral source of concessional assistance for the low income countries.
  3. most IDA commitments are made to countries with annual per capita income of less than $785.
  4. the vast majority of the IDA credits have been provided for projects to improve physical infrastructure, like roads & railways, electricity generation & transmission facilities, irrigation & flood-control installation, educational facilities, telephone exchanges & transmission lines, industrial plans.
  5. the IDAs resource included:

i)                    subscriptions

ii)                  general replenishments from the more industrialized & developed members

iii)                special contributions by richer members as well as transfers from the net earnings of IBRD.


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