geography 2004 mains question paper

Posted: July 7, 2010 in 01 - 09_years-papers

1. On the outline map of the world supplied to you, mark any ten of the following and also write in your answer script the most significant aspect of every one of them in not more than ten words each (10 × 6 = 60)
(a) Andes
(b) Bamian
(c) Cape Horn
(d) Darwin
(e) Fiji
(f) Great Lakes
(g) Iberian Peninsula
(h) Maastricht
(i) Nunavut
(j) Pyrenees
(k) Sinai
(l) Kalahari
2. Describe the landforms which are products of endogenetic forces.
3. How would the impact of global warming differ from one part of the earth to another? Give a reasoned account.
4. Discuss the mid-Atlantic Ridge in terms of its origin, extent and relief.
5. Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each (60)
(a) Peneplain
(b) Pelagic deposits
(c) Potential evapotranspiration
(d) Growth pole
6. To what extent are the heartlands and rim land theories helpful in understanding the world political situation today? Express your opinion clearly (60)
7. Discuss various strategies for correcting regional imbalances. (60)
8. Distinguish between radical and welfare approaches in geographic studies. (60)

1. Mark on the outline map of India supplied any TEN of the following entries. Write brief notes (not exceeding 30 words) on the significant aspects of each entry (6 × 10 = 60)
(i) Gulf of Kachchh
(ii) Indravati river
(iii) Mount Abu
(iv) Ganga river waterway from Allahabad
(v) Dhauladhar range
(vi) Kudremukh
(vii) Gulmarg
(viii) Black soils
(ix) Nagarjun Sagar
(x) Bhuj
(xi) Rajrappa Fall
(xii) Dimapur.
2. Discuss the role of spatial pattern of rainfall and temperature in the delimitation of climatic regions of India, especially with reference to Stamp’s climatic regionalization. (60)
3. Identify the important biotic-resource regions of India. Highlight, in brief the problems and remedial measures of biotic-resource conservation in India. (60)
4. Give a comparative account of the development of River Water Transport in pre-colonial and post independence periods in India. Highlight the role of River Transport in regional development. (60)
5. Answer any THREE of the following in about 200 words each  (20 × 3 = 60)
(a) Evaluate the population policy of India and examine its relevance to the nation’s population control.
(b) How do slums develop? Give concrete suggestions for their improvement.
(c) Write an essay on the origin, dimensions and implications of Sino-Indian border dispute.
(d) Evaluate the concept of sustainable growth and development.
6. “Economic characteristics of an area exert a much more direct effect upon its population patterns than do the physical characteristic.” Explain with examples. (60)
7. Explain the causes, impacts and remedial measures of flood-hazards in middle and lower Ganga plain.
8. Examine the regional development policy of India in various Five Year Plans. (60)


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