geography 2006 mains question paper

Posted: July 7, 2010 in 01 - 09_years-papers

Q.1. On the outline map of the World supplied to you, mark any ten of the following and also write in your answer script the most significant aspect of each of them in not more than 10 words  6×10=60
a. Kulti
b. Mount Adam
c. Piduratla
d. Yangon
e. Kuala Terengganu
f. Brunei
g. East Timor
h. Greater Kinghan
i. Shanghai
j. Ulan Bator
k. Dodoma
l. Tshwane
Q.2. Critically evaluates the continental drift hypothesis of A. Wegener. 60
Q.3. Compare the structure and associated weather conditions of tropical cyclone with that of temperature cyclone. 60
Q.4. Discuss the global ecological imbalances and their management. 60
Section B:
Q.5. Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each 3 x 20 = 60
a. Distribution of soils
b. Culture regions of the world
c. Sustainable development
d. Ocean currents of Northern Atlantic Ocean
Q.6. In Urban Geography, what are the concept of primate city and Rank size rule? Discuss in detail. 60
Q.7. what is the concept of a region? Discuss the types of regions. 60
Q.8. Write down main agriculture types and their associated features with special reference to whittlesy. Show these region on the world map provided to you. 60

Q.1. Mark on the outline map of India supplied any ten of the following entries. Write brief notes (not exceeding 30 words) on the significant aspects of the same ten entries 6 x 10 = 60
a. Malaygiri
b. Sibsagar
c. Khetri
d. Kolleru
e. Sind river
f. kalakot
g. Nathula Pass
i. Renukoot
j. Sabarigiri
k. Surendranagar
l. New More Island
m. Javedi Hils
Q. 2. Give the critical reason account of the recent theories of origin of Indian Monsoon with special reference to jet stream theory. 60
Q.3. Discuss the Problems and Prospects of dry zone agriculture in India and highlight strategies and scheme for its development. 60
Q.4. Trace the evolution of Industries in India and evaluate the role of Multinationals and liberalization policies in this context. 60
Section B:
Q.5. Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each  3 x 20 = 60
a. Discuss the causes and consequence of sex variation in India
b. Examine the Geographical basis of Indian Federalism.
c. Write an essay on the population exploitation and food security in India.
d. Discuss the elements and approaches of town planning in India.
Q.6. Explain the morphology of Indian cities in the Background of existing morphological Model. 60
Q.7. Present an account of tribals, tribal areas and their problems in India. 60
Q.8. Explain the process and pattern of regional disparities in India and suggest suitable measure for it.60


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