ashok mehta committee report

Posted: July 5, 2010 in India

it was concerned with the decline that had set-in the rural local government system post-balwant rai. the union government in 1977 , appointed a committee on PRIs under the chairmanship of sh. ashok mehta. the idea was to suggest measures to strength PRIs for an effective system of decentralized planning.

main recommendations are :

  1. the 3-tier system of panchayat raj should be replaced by a 2-tier system.
  2. there should be zila parishad at district level & below it mandal panchayat for group of villages.
  3. district should be first point of decentralization under popular supervision, below the state.
  4. zila parishad should be executive body & made responsible for planning at district level.
  5. official participation of political parties in panchayat elections.
  6. PRI election should be conducted by the chief electoral officer of the state, in consultation with chief election commission.
  7. PRIs should have compulsory powers of taxation, to reduce their dependence on state funds.
  8. regular social audit to see if funds for vulnerable social & economic groups are actually being spent on them.
  9. nyaya panchayats to be kept as separate bodies from that of development panchayats.
  10. these should be presided over by qualified judge.
  11. seats should be reserved for SCs & STs on their population.
  12. state government should not supersede PRIs on partisan goals. if it becomes necessary , fresh elections should be held withing 6 months.
  13. a minister for PRI was recommended.

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