sociology books list for 2010 ias mains

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Books_2010

1. Ram Ahuja: Society in India
2. Ram Ahuja: Social problems in India
3. IGNOU notes (especially for thinkers and topic on Indian system)
4. Caste its 20th Century Avatar – M.N. Srinivas
5. participation as freedom – Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze
6. Y. Singh – Modernisation of Indian Tradition
7. Y. Singh – Social tradition in India
8. L.P. Vidhyarthi – Tribal India
9. Yojana (Independence day special 2001 on population)
10. Y. Singh – Social Change in India
11. Niel J. Smelser for Economy and Society
12. Abraham and Francis – Sociological theory

topic wise books list :

  1. Introductory sociology: T.B. Bottmore
  2. Basic contribution of sociological and anthropological thinkers: dictionary of sociology, Social and cultural process: Maclver and Page and Madan & Majumdar
  3. Deviance and central: Social stratification – Harlambos and T.B. Bottomore
  4. Illustrations – Johnson
  5. Political institutions – Bottomore
  6. Religious and social institutions – Madan & Majumdar
  7. Basic Concepts of Indian sociology – Y Singh (Modernization of Indian Tradition), Villavge, Town, City, Maclver & Page

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