psychology 2005 mains question paper

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1. Answer any three of the following in not more than 200 words each: 20×3=60

(a) Discuss the factors that jeopardize experimenter’s power of scientifically evaluating the effect of independent variable in carrying out any research.

(b) Amongst the two statistical techniques ANOV A and regression, which statistical method is superior? Discuss the advantages of regression statistical technique.

(c) What is attention? Discuss factors influencing attention.

(d) Citing relevant research study, discuss the significance of modeling in social learning.

2. Explain in detail the role of Bottom-up and Top-down process in recognition with the help of suitable examples. 60

3. What is perception? Discuss biological factors in perception. 60

4. Differentiate between applied and fundamental research. Discuss major steps in psychological researches. 60


5. Answer any three of the following in not more-than 200 words each: 20×3=60

(a) What is personality? Discuss Freudian approach to personality.

(b) Discuss properties and structure of human language.

(c) Citing relevant example, describe extra-sensory perception.

(d) Discuss different methods for measuring intelligence.

6. Explaining the nature of problem solving, discuss its strategies with the help of suitable examples. 60

7. Citing experimental studies, discuss cognitive-dissonance theory of attitude change. .60

8. How are instinct, drive and arousal theories of motivation different from incentive theory? Describe incentive theory of motivation giving at least three relevant examples. 60

PAPER– II — 2005


1. Write short notes on any three of the following (each note should not exceed 200 words) : 20×3=60

(a) Personality Disorder.

(b) Symptoms and etiology of schizophrenia

(c) Psychodynamic therapies

(d) Career counselling

2. Discuss the different types of psychological tests. Describe ethical issues involved in the use of psychological tests. 60

3. Highlight the role of psychologists in rehabilitation of physically, mentally and socially challenged persons. 60

4. What do you mean by positive health? Suggest some of the important factors responsible for positive health, well being, life style and quality of life. 60


5. Write short notes on any three of the following (each note should not exceed 200 words) : 20×3=60

(a) Psychological strategies in handling the conflicts and prejudices.

(b) Factors responsible for improving performance of sports personnel

(c) Importance of Environmental Psychology

(d) Human Engineering in Defence

6. Describe the concept of social integration. What are the major problems of social integration? Explain in detail the measures to achieve social integration. 60

7. What do you mean by women entrepreneurs? What are the important characteristics of an entrepreneurial behaviour? 60

8. What psychological disorders take place due to war? Discuss the importance of Counseling in dealing wit War victims. 60


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