pali literature books for 2010 mains

Posted: July 4, 2010 in literature-subjects_mains
  1. History of Indian Literature (Vol. II) – Winternitz
  2. Origin of Pali Literature (Vol. I & II) – B.C. Lal
  3. Compendium of Abidhamma Philosophy – B. Jagdish Kashyap
  4. Pali Essays – Hari Shanker Shukia
  5. Pali Grammar – L.N. Tiwari
  1. neha says:

    can you please tell me where can I buy these books from? any particular shop? thank you

  2. chitra says:

    where can i get these books i am staying in nagpur..

    • xmnotes says:

      hi chitra,
      instead of buying these many books which i’ve mentioned , its better u buy the notes of reputed institute material which covers whole syllabus…

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