geography books list for 2010 ias mains

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Books_2010

Booklist in the perspective of changed syllabus Geomorphology

The Earth’s Dynamic Surface – By K. Siddhartha
Geomorphology – By Bloom
Geomorphology – By Sparks
Economic Geology – By Shackleton
Environmental Geology – By Valdiya

Atmosphere Weather and Climate – By K. Siddhartha
Climate History and Modem Man – By Chorley
Science and Wonders of Atmosphere – By Gedzelman
Bio & Environmental Geog. Biosphere A Geography of Life – By Dr. Thomas and K. Siddhartha
Environmental Geology -ByValdiya
Living in the Environment – By Miller
Settlement Geography- Cities Urbanization and Urban System – By K. Siddhartha & S. Mukherjee
Urban Geography – By Herbert Thomas
Indian Industrial Geography Indian industry a geographical perspective – By S. Mukherjee and K. Siddhartha
Indian Economy – By Uma Kapila
General Reading environmental concerns and strategies – By T. N. Khoshoo
Development Indicators -Oxford University Press.
Environmental Hazards – published by Ministry of Environment and forest.


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