public administration books list for 2010 mains

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Books_2010
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suggested books list as per new trend 2010 syllabus:

  • buy & read any good institute material as because whole syllabus is covered.
  • no need to read too many text books.
  • as i have crackias material, i can say that it is in very simple language, points-wise as well as paragraph-wise notes, whole of the new syllabus topics are covered.
  • with the material of any institute add & read these books also: IJPA journals which is very important, current news updates from any 2 tv news channels, newspaper, IGNOU material for only 4 to 5 chapters it is good,  thinker’s corner by prasad & prasad.
  • keep track of all new amendments, articles, schedules which is recently added to our Indian constitution.
  • keep track of all important committees, recommendations.
  • read local government of India book written by — S.R. Maheshwari.(not compulsory) but as a reference book to local administration of 73rd & 74th amend.
  • read Indian constitution by D. D. Basu.

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