psychology book list for 2010 mains

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Books_2010
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  1. 1st read NCERT class 11 & 12 standard books.
  2. 2nd as a reference book after reading ncert books , read the book called introduction to psychology written by morgan & king.
  3. read mukul pathak sir’s notes.
  4. in case if you dint get his material, then read psychology notes which is in fully points-wise, easy to remember.
  5. dont read unwanted textbooks written by authors which are very new & unknown to u.


why psychology as optional?

  • psychology is the study of human behavior & animal behavior & its applications of it for the benefit of mankind.
  • it is equally favorite among all streams of students irrespective of their background to appear in the CSE.
  • besides being interesting in nature its simplicity & more marks fetching character attracts the students.
  • CSE is not just preparation but strategic preparation.
  • to be successful hardwork, dedication etc., is not only important but also wise selection of subjects.
  • psychology is the subject which provides limited course & adequate gap with other optionals thus enhancing the chances of selecting.
  • for clearing both prelims & mains you have to develop the knack of understanding of the psychology of the examiner, this can be done by putting yourself in the examiner’s place.

what you would like in any answer sheets?

  • clarity of thought
  • lucidity
  • good content
  • well expressed language
  • in short, good written communication skill.

– the reason to began with written language is that for mains you need to go for huge description answers..
there very intelligent student , well versed with subjects but does not clear mains y?
ans : they believe in ,luck factor & destiny is there.
in my concern telling to you all aspirants that there is no luck anywhere else. luck is the another name for do lots of hardwork……its possible with everybody…

– dont think that by seeing syllabus its difficult…if you feel/think like that then you lack behind…..not to think like that…

you should have the target for your goal & also in your life. “Keep an Hawk eyes on your goal”

Content involves following:

  • conceptual understanding — it is of subject matter which is important while reading.
  • facts — after doing CU, facts is memorizing the important points you should always it in your long term memory.
  • something new — new ideas, new diagrams, latest reports, description which links the diagrams.

* one has to be cautious that balance is maintained & see that ideas are not too radical.
* you should be well integrated with answers you write.

Writing Skills :

  • be short, precise
  • writing should be legible , neat
  • grammatical errors should be avoided ..
  • using of simple language while answering ..
  • where-ever required link a diagram so that it fetches some more marks to your answer..

* writing skills means does not means that it should be decorative language, having extra-ordinary vocabulary.
* simple day-to-day speaking language will do for writing..
* their should be no ambiguity in the answers.
* writing skills comes by practice.

Effective Presentation – 7 principles to follow:

  • underline the key words which links the sentence in pencil.
  • underline the latest updates incorporated in your answer.
  • make your diagrams very effective . remember that diagrams need to be well integrated to your answer otherwise you lose marks.
  • each topic has some key words , & examiner expects you to write them in answer sheets.
  • crucial factor is that which many of us tend to overlook is the selection of the first answer. “first impression is the last impression” , hence your first answer should be best answer.
  • attempt the one which you have command..
  • the best approach is to go through the available material for better understanding of subject.

Mains — 8 steps to follow :

  • read the basic books 1st , rather than going to foreign authors, journals. whether prelims / mains…..
  • while reading always go for conceptual reading rather than simply memorizing the facts.
  • memorizing facts — using mnemonics methods which suits your style, do this …
  • make you memory card in your brain i.e. long term memory to remember the facts & there whatever you read is going to LTM so that it stay throughout your life .. keep on revising the same matter…so that you dont forget anything.the ultimate success is that depends on not ‘what all you have read’ but ‘how much you retain it’.
  • solve as many questions as you can.many of the questions are repeated in mains.. quit often areas are same..
  • try to chalk out the areas of the questions. also write down the questions topic wise & chapter-wise…
  • mark your wrong ones..master your weakness after analyzing them..
  • discussing with experts lectures, exam cleared aspirants this makes differences.
  1. lata says:

    i agree with the references, i got these psychology study material and found it great. thanks!!

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